Innovative Technical Solutions

We provide innovative technical solutions to the many challenging problems associated with taking products from concept to reality. Because we have worked with such a wide variety of products, we are familiar with all types of development processes. We can take your concepts and provide high-quality, best-priced finished products to the markets of your choice.

Worldwide Sourcing Capabilities

We fulfill all of the needs associated with sourcing the highest quality, lowest cost solutions to new product requirements. Worldwide sourcing expertise and regionalized resources provide support to these solutions.

"These guys know how to get it done! I simply provided EPCG, LLC my product concept and they did everything necessary, from A to Z, to get a finished product to market and in my warehouse. From detailed product design to competitively sourcing high quality customized finished products that have wowed every retail buyer I've presented to, I just can't say enough about the results EPCG, LLC have delivered to me. My sales have more than doubled as a result of the new products I have entrusted EPCG, LLC to design, develop, and source."

- Frank Ferraro, President, Specialty Retail Products, Inc.